The ONA Lagos, a culinary gem, nestled in the heart of Lagos’ bustling metropolitan city Victoria Island, is a Fine Dining African restaurant. Founded Feb 2nd, 2022, by chef-owner Obehi Ekhomu. ONA is named after Chef Obehi’s late father, Chief Dr. Ona Ekhomu as a tribute to his vision and love for the African continent.

ONA celebrates contemporary interpretations of indigenous cuisine through the chef’s philosophy on food, as well as the aggregation and layering of flavors through African ancestral techniques like fermentation, drying, salting, and smoking of local ingredients. It is a dreamscape where the underdogs of the African kitchen are elevated to stardom.

The craftsmanship at ONA begins with the handcrafted clay plates, each lovingly fashioned in the quaint village of Atamora, Osun State. The glassware, an embodiment of artistry, is sourced from local glassblowers in Ilupeju, Lagos. These vessels of artistry elevate the dining experience, lending a touch of authenticity to every bite. The space décor is minimalist, with stone flooring, raffia pendant lighting, terracotta clay amphoras, wood paneling, cushions adorned in the finest Kano leather, to exude elegance and warmth. The Music is a mix of soft World jazz, afrobeat and amapiano.

The food at ONA is influenced not only by the African terroir and tropical climate, but by carefully examining every ingredient and discovering which techniques pay them the highest respect. ONA takes pride in sourcing most of our ingredients from local farms across Nigeria and open markets. By forging direct relationships, we not only ensure the freshest produce but also contribute to the prosperity of farming and fishing communities, creating a true farm-to- table experience. Every detail is meticulously crafted to celebrate the local heritage and promote sustainability. ONA culinary creations are a harmonious fusion of complex African flavors and the captivating influence of Western and Far east Asian cooking techniques. Each ingredient undergoes a metamorphosis, guided by the hands of the skilled artisans in our team. Over 200 ingredients undergo alchemic processes, awakening their natural attributes and revealing their true essence.

The ONA bar is meticulously curated using locally distilled African spirits like ogogoro and palm wine. Crafted with care and sourced directly from distilleries across the continent. There are also over 50 homegrown infusions, kombuchas, liqueurs, ONA brewed wines, and herb infused gins that are unique to ONA. These beverages embody the essence of African craftsmanship, adding a delightful twist to the dining experience. At Restaurant Ona, guests can choose from our à la carte menu or indulge in a curated degustation menu, featuring a tantalizing 7-course experience through exquisite flavors and textures along with the option of a wine or drink pairing.

Our clientele ranges broadly from Nigerians to expatriates and to tourists visiting the city for work or special occasions. Our guests are the seekers of culinary discovery and excellence, and the ambassadors of African cuisine on the continent. At ONA, they discover a sanctuary where their senses are awakened, and their palates enchanted by the depth of unique flavor combinations. Through their unwavering support, we will gradually transform Lagos into a vibrant culinary hub. ONA aims to promote African fine dining while supporting local farmers, artisans, and to give our guests a platform to highlight Africa’s heritage as a form of soft power which will subsequently foster Africans’ inherent belief in self and the continent.





The Ona Lagos is really a place to be with their exquisite menu. They have a very receptive environment, service was great, food was better, drinks was amazing. If you find yourself in Lagos, try Ona Lagos, it’s highly recommended.


There are no aesthetic distractions to peel away at Ona. It is a true chef’s restaurant and the menu is the star.


"I recently celebrated my anniversary at ONA Lagos, and it was an unforgettable evening. The attention to detail from the staff was exceptional, and the food was simply divine. Every dish was a work of art, beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. ONA Lagos exceeded my expectations and made our special occasion truly memorable."